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Inspired by Happiness – The Heart Surta

Inspired by Happiness- The Heart Surta

“Peace, Harmony, Laughter & love”     ~The Heart Sutra~ The Next Inspired By Happiness Quote: Read More »

Rumi’s Gift of Love

Rumi’s Gift of Love

  There is no experience that brings more happiness than falling in love. When we fall in love, becoming the lover, we are consumed by a growing and greater love for all, basking in its radiant joy. No one’s expressed this more beautifully than the sublime Persian poet Rumi. Rumi was one of the privileged few for whom love never seemed to fade.  His beloved was the mystery, the mystery of life. He saw God everywhere and in all things, allowing himself to be engulfed divine rapture. Rumi understood the dance of life. “By God, when you see your beauty ... Read More »

Understanding Authentic Power – Oprah and Gary Zukav

Understanding Authentic Power - Oprah and Gary Zukav

What is real Authentic Power? What does Authentic Power have to do with happiness and the Law of Attraction? To answer the first question, Oprah quotes from “The Seat of the Soul:” “When the personality comes to fully serve the energy of the Soul…that is Authentic Power.” The second question, “what does Authentic Power have to do with happiness,” Oprah answers by describing her “ah ha” moments;  “when my personality  comes to fully align with the energy of my Soul (the true-self), and I allow my Soul to be my guide, that is when I am the most powerful, that’s when ... Read More »

Happiness Rises with Age

Happiness Rises with Age

On one of my recent posts I discussed happiness and aging and how happiness rises with age. There is a persistent myth that life gets more difficult with age and I touched upon new studies that indicated that our live actually grow happier after we pass the mid-forties. My own experience backs up the theory that grumpiness and old age is a myth because when I think of my own grandparents, they always seemed content with life, and made me feel loved and happy whenever we were together. As I wrote about Morgan Freeman’s approach to life that, “You have ... Read More »