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Featured Happiness Videos – Cliff Jumping Hawaii

Featured Happiness Videos

This is a collection of the happiness and inspirational videos which are featured here at  Laughter happiness and because that are first and foremost FUN! These videos are considered the “best-of-the best” happiness videos and why they were “featured.” This addition is from Devin Graham with music by Radical Something. Even if you would never cliff dive, especially off those high Hawaiian cliffs, it’s hard not to get caught up in the fun; even if it’s vicariously. Enjoy the video and the music.     Read More »

Rumi’s Gift of Love

Rumi’s Gift of Love

  There is no experience that brings more happiness than falling in love. When we fall in love, becoming the lover, we are consumed by a growing and greater love for all, basking in its radiant joy. No one’s expressed this more beautifully than the sublime Persian poet Rumi. Rumi was one of the privileged few for whom love never seemed to fade.  His beloved was the mystery, the mystery of life. He saw God everywhere and in all things, allowing himself to be engulfed divine rapture. Rumi understood the dance of life. “By God, when you see your beauty ... Read More »

Imaginal Cells are Real

Imaginal Cells Are Real

“When I die I will soar with Angels and when I die to the Angels what I shall become you cannot imagine.” Rumi They my sound as if they are a creation straight out of the mind of a of a fantasy writer, but imaginal cells are real, they exist in the caterpillar and hold the key to it’s transformation into a butterfly. Just as a butterfly emerges from its chrysalis as a wholly different creature, we can as authentic humans, transform our role in an the emerging world with a new understanding of how the care and maintenance of  the world is ... Read More »