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The Sun the Sea – Want a Happy Relationship Go Deep

Your Happy Place for Good News-Happiness is a Day at the Beach

Happiness is a Day at the Beach Using a smartphone app called “Mappiness,” 22,000 people participated in a study and the results were that spending time near water, especially “big” water like the ocean, creates feelings of wellbeing and happiness. In other words going to the beach makes us happy. Now before you go “Duh,” it turns out that there’s more to it than “a day at the beach.” We’ve known that people are happier when outdoors in a natural environment apposed than a urban setting. This particular study checked on the participant’s emotional state as they moved throughout their ... Read More »

Forgiveness Creates a Path for Gratitude

Forgiveness Creates a Path for Gratitude

“Forgiveness becomes easier when love means more to you than anything else.”                                                                                              ~Robert Holden~  Gratitude has been offered as a “metastrategy” by many positive psychologists and as an antidote to the plague of negative emotions which sweep though us, as a seemingly, natural part of the human condition. Prominent teachers of happiness praise the ... Read More »