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The benefits of Meditation are Joy and Happiness


The benefits of Meditation are Joy and HappinessThis site is called laughter, happiness and bliss because they are the body, mind and soul of joy. Because Joy is multidimensional.

The benefits of meditation are also multidimensional, when the body, mind and spirit are in balance then the result is peace, harmony and love or laughter, happiness and bliss. However, when we are out of balance we receive feedback from our body-mind which is quite different, it comes with a whole host of other symptoms in the form of disease, pain, discomfort, anxiety and depression.

davidji open his chapter on the benefits of meditation telling us:

“The physical, emotional, and spiritual value of meditation has been well documented for thousands of years. Scientist, philosophers, spiritualists, and religious leaders have heralded the power witnessing awareness. They may refer to it as deep reflection, being present, contemplation,prayer, meditation, or simply relaxing, but it’s all the same thing – disconnecting from activity in our moment-to-moment life and drifting to the space between our thoughts.”

The real benefits of meditation do not come during meditation but arise naturally as the result of consistent practice: subtly at first (in fact so subtle are these effects that it’s likely that even you won’t notice them) quietly guiding changes in the way and type of decisions that you make.

That said, seems that on an almost daily bases that new information is coming out about how powerful meditation is in relation to the mind-body system.

In this video davidji discusses the newest finding on the benefits of meditation done at the University of Massachusetts, Mass General; studies in which it was shown that there was increased growth in the hippocampus portion  of the brain (the “learning” part of the brain) while  there was, at the same time, as decrease in the amygdala.

Why is shrinkage in the amygdala important?

Because it’s portion of our brains that’s responsible for our anger, fear, frustration, anxiety and stress.

here’s what davidji has to say:

The benefits of meditation that davidji is talking about in the video are really only the proverbial tip of the iceberg. I like to think of them as positive “side effects” of my meditation and happiness practices.

Some of the “side effects” include, becoming more conscious of your thought selection, let the resistance ones go and expanding those that support your growth. You begin to notice that you are more conscious in your decision making and your intuition expands.

davidji explains it this way, “Over time, moving from activity to stillness during meditation translates into more conscious behavior during non-meditation.”

That is a spiritual journey. As davidji says, “The purpose of a spiritual journey isn’t to change your (or anybody else’s) mind; It’s to expand your mind to understand the true potential in each moment of your life.”

While the practice of meditation is about silence; the effects are pure Joy and Happiness.


 davidji has been the lead educator at the Chopra Center for over a decade and an apprentice of Drs. Deepak Chopra and David Simon, co-founders of the Center. He is a certified Vedic master, Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor, Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga Instructor, perfect Health Ayurvedic Lifestyles Teacher, Radio host, Hay House author and guided meditation creator.

This is a wonderful book on meditation, covering all “styles,” but it is so much more!

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