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The Law of Attraction and Happiness

The Law of Attraction and HappinessThe Law of Attraction and Happiness

When practicing the Law of Attraction, maintaining a state of happiness is the most powerful way to manifest your desires. Since it’s your vibrational state that attracts what it is you desire, it’s important to keep your emotions as positive as possible.

The emotions that you are looking to focus on (hold your attention on) are feelings of love, joy, happiness, satisfaction, gratitude, appreciation, peace or serenity.

Maintaining these emotions will raise your vibrational level and create a “vibrational match” with the experiences that you dream of, desire and expect.

This video is a “happiness generator,” created to help you awaken your positive emotions. Enjoy…



Do the things that make you feel good and when challenging situations arise, be present with them but don’t give them any more energy than is necessary to deal with the challenge.

When practicing the Law of Attraction, feel the positive emotion fully and deeply; that way the vibration has a greater amplitude (vibrational power), which accelerates the process of attraction.

Your emotions never lie and as a result they are more powerful than your thoughts, because they are the true indicators of your thoughts. This, however, is a two way street, you can generate the emotions you desire consciously by connecting with like-minded people, doing what you love or enjoying inspirational sights or sounds.

When you bring your attention and intention to the Law of Attraction and happiness then what you desire can only grow in your life.

“Everything you see happening is the consequence of that which you are.”     David R. Hawkins


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