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The Road to Happpiness Runs through our Fear of Change

“People don’t understand that fear is a thing. It’s just another object in the universe that you are capable of experiencing.” Michael Singer

The Road to Happpiness Runs through our Fear of ChangeWhy are we afraid of change?

It’s a paradox, we fear change and at the same time we long for change, for things to be different, to be more abundant or to feel healthier and, most of all, to be happier.

I listened to Michael, on Oprah’s “Super Soul Sunday” program, explain that we’re afraid because we fear dealing with our fears. Hoping that if we ignore them or keep them hidden in the shadows they won’t come out and haunt us. We work hard at trying to prevent any condition in which they might arise and that never works.  

What is it that keeps us from changing? Where does our fear come from?

Why do we go through life feeling like the juggler who’s trying to keep one too many balls in the air until he eventually loses control?

What Stops us is one of the most talked about and least understood part of our personality – our ego.  Its the ego that give us such a strong sense of self. We think of the ego as the “me” part of ourselves.

Even though it is not always portrayed this way, the ego is neither good or bad. When our thoughts are dominated by self-centered and selfish feeling and ideas there are negative consequences, on the other hand the ego can offers us the gifts of a strong sense of purpose and self which allows us the opportunity of a positive human experience .

The ego’s positive aspects arise, not from the intellect but the heart. When the ego takes its cue from the head, without being tempered by the heart, it  becomes constrictive and fearful. It cry’s out, “Me first. What about my feelings? or Pay attention to me.”

This fear, this need to control everything which is the ego defining how we need everything to be, is described by Michael as “blockages in the heart.”

As we awaken to our true nature, the spiritual self and stop relying on the voice in our heads, we realize that any attempt of repression or denial only compounds our problems. 

One of the reasons that the ego reacts with fear is it sees life as a threat; that at any moment someone or something could create a disturbance (change) threatening our sense of balance and peace.

The important question to ask is how do we deal with our fear that causes “blockages in the heart?”

That’s the question Oprah asks and is the subject of this video and Michael’s book.

 “The purpose of spiritual evolution is to remove the blockages that cause you fear.”Michael Singer

Letting go of your fears, as this quote suggests, and accepting change is not about giving up. It’s about personal growth.

Spiritual growth is a process of becoming conscious, of responding instead of reacting or not fighting (resisting) life.

Fear is the cause of every problem. It is found at the root of , hatred, prejudice, anger, jealousy and all negative emotions.    

When we realize that life is not under our control, not just intellectually but from the heart, we can begin to open ourselves to all of life’s possibilities.  This is spiritual evolution, the removal or the letting go of the blockages that cause us fear. The process is one of acceptance and moving from the head to the heart and from fear to love. In the absence of fear there is only happiness and joy.

Opening our hearts and releasing our fears instead of hiding them is how our road to happiness runs through our fear of change to freedom.


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“Letting go of fear is not letting go of life.” Michael Singer

Michael goes into depth on how you access this practice in his book “The Untethered Soul – the journey beyond yourself.”

There’s a reason why Oprah loves this book so much! It’s worth finding out for yourself.

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