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The Source of all Happiness is to be Self-Realized

“Self-Realization is vibrational awareness of Source energy, and the conscious ability to attune to it.” Abraham

The Source Of All Happiness Is To Be Self-RealizedSelf-Realization is to become the witness no longer identifying with your ego-self, the conditioned self made up of your desires, your mind and body. From this state of witnessing awareness you can transcend your karma (karma being the total accumulation of all the choices you’ve made to this point). 

Self-Realization is the source of all happiness because the “self” you “realize” is Source.

Being Self-Realized is to know that you are connected to all that is. Your true-being has no limitations and is infinitely creativity. The self-realize person is fearless, impeccable and who’s intention from the level of being can orchestrate synchronicity (the full implementation of the Law of Attraction).

Viewing it from Abraham’s perspective, when you enter the vortex or create your “grid,” you aren’t wiping the slate clean or eliminating the things in your life that have cause you resistance, you’re simply removing your attention from them, and in doing so they lose their power and fade away.

An analogy would be, getting out of debt and spending your money anyway you wanted.

To become Self-Realized you need to raise your vibration and Abraham points out that, “Meditation is a really good way to raise your vibration… because when you stop thought you stop resistance and when you stop resistance you raise your vibration.”


“Self-Realization means that we have been consciously connected with our Source of being. Once we have made this connection, then nothing can go wrong…” Swami Paramananda

Yogananda taught that direct inner experience of the Divine (Source) is Self-Realization.

Self-realization is shifting your identity from the small, individual ego-self to your true being and frees you to create  a life of real happiness, true abundance and fulfillment.

According to the  the ancient traditions,when you aren’t manifesting what it is you desire, the problem is that you haven’t aligned with true-self; you have mistaken who you really are.

In this video Abraham explains the steps needed to achieve Self-Realization and enlightens us with the knowledge that “we are not totally Self-Realized until we are Self-Actualized,” which is the process of creating your own reality.


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