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Tom Hanks Is a Believer – Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

Tom Hanks Is a Believer – Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

From Wikimedia Commons,

In a story published in the Hollywood News, Tom Hanks the star of so many movies, from “Cast Way” to “Forest Gump,” and the lead in the soon to be released movies, “Captain Phillips and Saving Mr. Banks,” said that “You can live in the biggest and best house in the world but it can be shit if you are unhappy.”

That’s pretty much telling it like it is, happiness isn’t found in the money.

Mr. Hanks did have one caveat and that was not owing money was the best part of having money; which speaks to the studies that indicate that a certain level of income is necessary in order feel comfortable and happy.

Hanks talked about his salary from his 1980’s sitcom, “Bosom Buddies” in which he made around 5,000 a week, and said, “If I had made that kind of money for the rest of my life I would have been happy, honestly.”

I’m sure that sounds like more than enough to many people (me included) but compared to the kind of money the star receives for his work today, it’s peanuts.

When Hank’s says that he would have been happy with his 1980’ salary, I believe him. Maybe it’s because he comes off as such a genuine guy and that the Hollywood rap backs it up.

Hey if Forest Gump says that money doesn’t buy happiness you just gotta to believe it!

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