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Understanding Authentic Power – Oprah and Gary Zukav

Understanding Authentic Power - Oprah and Gary ZukavWhat is real Authentic Power? What does Authentic Power have to do with happiness and the Law of Attraction?

To answer the first question, Oprah quotes from “The Seat of the Soul:”

“When the personality comes to fully serve the energy of the Soul…that is Authentic Power.”

The second question, “what does Authentic Power have to do with happiness,” Oprah answers by describing her “ah ha” moments;  “when my personality  comes to fully align with the energy of my Soul (the true-self), and I allow my Soul to be my guide, that is when I am the most powerful, that’s when I am, in what I now call, my sweet spot.”

Abraham would call “sweet spot” the Vortex, and the process of the “personality coming to fully align with the energy of the Soul,” the Grid.

Oprah talks about her true-self, the soul, and her “sweet spot,” but what is that experience?

Your true identity, and the source of authentic power, is neither your inner nor your outer world. The same source which creates all subjective experiences, thoughts, memories, and emotions is the same source that simultaneously create the objective (real) world to match your subjective start. That is the Law of Attraction, sometimes known as mirroring the universe.

I’ve heard the metaphor that trying to “fix” anything that happening around you is equivalent to polishing a mirror in hopes of changing the reflection.


Gary quotes the Spanish poet Juan Ramon Jimenez; in his beautiful poem he speaks of our connection to Source – the oneness we feel in those moments of creative bliss. 

Knowing that life has  meaning and that we have a unique purpose, Gary asks the question, “what now?”

He answers that question by explaining that just because we are more conscious and have greater awareness doesn’t bestow upon us enlightened behavior; it, however, allows us the opportunity to wittness our choices.

This is where our free will comes in, where we have the capacity, when we are in the flow or the “sweet spot,”  to choose.

The practice is bringing awareness of  things that no longer serve us and,  “… become very familiar with them, so you can recognize them when they come up in you and you don’t act on them.” Instead we do just the opposite  by recognizing  things that do serve us and and take positive action.


Find the better feeling thought; enjoy the flow and share Oprah’s “Sweet Spot.”


The Seat of the Soul is the book about which Oprah said, “My copy, by my bedside is so dog-eared… and I started highlighting it, and then I realized that the whole book is highlighted…” This book is one of her “all time favorites and makes it clear Gary’s book “awakened a spark” in her that moved her along on her Spiritual journey; and that is powerful praise, indeed.

Using his scientist’s eye and philosopher’s heart, Gary Zukav shows us how infusing the activities of life with reverence, compassion, and trust makes them come alive with meaning and purpose.

This is a book for your Heart – It will open it up to joy. 

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