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Wayne Dyer and Bruce Lipton The Power Of Law Of Attraction

Wayne Dyer and Bruce Lipton  “You are limited by your perception… and by the belief about the world you live in…” Bruce Lipton

In this the first of two videos, by Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dr. Bruce Lipton, the discussion is based around the understanding presented by Bruce in his wonderful book, “The Biology of Belief.”

A book really built on the principles of the Law of Attraction. This understanding is referred to in the teachings of Abraham as, “the delicate balance between belief and desire.”     

Science try’s to contain the mystery by calling it the Placebo and Nocebo effects.

Here are Wayne and Bruce to explain…

The function of your mind is to create coherence (vibrational match – my addition) between your beliefs and the reality that you experience.’

Studies have shown that the Placebo effect accounts for between one third and as much as two thirds of all medical healing. Which translates to – the Law of Attraction is responsible for between one third and two thirds of all healing.

 Part 2



Now that’s a Law of Attraction fact worth Sharing!

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