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Wayne Dyer To Live Unconditionally

Wayne Dyer on Being YourselfDr. Wayne Dyer describes three things which his teacher, Abraham Maslow, the great American psychologist, taught him. These three attributes allow you to recognize people who are self-realized because they are operating from an expanded level of consciousness. Self-realization is to live unconditionally and that is freedom and happiness.

The attributes Dr. Maslow spoke of are:

  • They are independent of the good or bad opinion of other people.
  • They are detached from outcome.
  • They have no desire for control and no desire for power over others.

There is an “affirmation” which embodies these three principles, which I first learned from Dr. David Simon or Dr. Chopra. This “affirmation” can easily be incorporated into your daily routine. (I put the word “affirmation” in quotes because this particular, maybe meditation would be a better word, is very powerful; especially when you place your full attention on the meaning and embody it.)   

Begin by repeating the “affirmation” while looking directly (and this is important) into your own eyes in a mirror and saying aloud or to your self, “I AM independent of the good or bad opinion of others. I AM beneath no one, I AM superior to no one, and I AM fearless in all things.”     

The thing I love about Wayne is the way he serves up the main dish of Wisdom with a little sweet topping of humor… 

“Every human being’s essential nature is perfect and faultless, but after years of immersion in the world we easily forget our roots and take on a counterfeit nature.” Lao Tzuto live unconditionally

Happiness can only be experienced when we understand that we are “perfect and faultless,” this is unconditional Self-acceptance-which is, a willingness to accept that our true-self, our unconditioned-self, is whole and happy already; it is our primary state. The conditioned state, i.e. the ego state, is always pronouncing judgments, “you must do this,” or “you ought to have done that,”  and “your not good enough.”   Your ego-mind is convinced of its own lack.

Those who are self-realized have the keys to the kingdom, the kingdom of the unconditioned-self, the kingdom of the kingdom of happiness.

When you move in the direction of Self-Realization you began to notice that manifestation begins taking place in your life and when it happens it’s called a coincidence, or a synchronicity. When you awaken to the  unconditioned-self and become self-Realized ( In yoga this is known as Siddha Consciousness) – manifestation becomes almost instantaneous, and you call it a miracle.


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