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What is Abundance?

“I am the light that makes experience possible. I am the reality which is hidden in all beings”  ~Yoga Vasishtha~

What is Abundance?True abundance is freedom.

True abundance is well-being.

True abundance is when our needs and desires are spontaneously fulfilled and we feel happiness and joy as we savor the present moment. Abundance is our natural state and our birthright; it’s also the ground state of reality.

Abundance is not dependent on outside conditions.

Abundance is the quality of our attention.

When we are abundant what we come to know and experience is, that even through the most challenging of circumstances that life offers us, we may still see beauty, goodness and the richness that is the fabric of the universe.

Abundance is our belief in the compassion and wisdom, which allows us to navigate through the shadows of life’s darkest moments with fearlessness.

Abundance is accepting the unknown and the infinite with humility and grace.

Abundance is knowing that when we are in alignment with our true nature – and knowing that our true nature is the same as the reality that is the origin of all material creation – in knowing that, we can create anything.

“All of material creation, everything that we can see, touch, hear, taste, or smell is made from the same stuff and comes from the same source.”  ~Deepak Chopra~

True alignment is when the development, and expansion of our awareness, becomes a familiar feeling of ease and appreciation, matching our desires to the flow of the universe.

The way we accomplish this is to bringing ourselves into alignment with what is actually happening in this moment.

Abundance is also deeply personal.

The process of abundance and manifestation is more than “what do I want.” It is even more than “who am I.”

Abundance and manifestation is the process of inflow and outflow. It is giving and receiving. Abundance becomes the question, “How may I serve?”

The power in this question as it helps us step beyond the ego and view abundance from a different perspective.

Abundance is a way of being alive and being present to every moment, awakening to what already is.

Why step beyond the ego? Because that is where the consciousness of love is vibrating and where we’ll be able to connect the presence with our inner and outer worlds.

Connecting these worlds beyond the ego opens us to a flow of happiness and abundance that cannot help but manifest itself as we reach the deepest levels of our true selves.

Abundance is the experience of manifestation of all things that are truly important, including all material resources needed to “follow our bliss” no matter how that looks to each of us.

This may be a challenging concept at first, at least on the material level.

It’s easier for us to wrap our heads around this concept from a spiritual perspective.

It’s seems easy to understand and process the idea that if we are being peaceful, we will experience peace, or if we are loving, our experience will be love. These qualities aren’t out there somewhere in the world, they exist within us. We understand that intuitively.

However, being abundant is our access to experiencing abundance; this is especially true as physical reality unfolds.  Abundance is a quality of our true nature, meaning it’s always present, just like love, happiness and joy.

In the day-today world, for example, the stock market moves on the moment-to-moment emotions of investor confidence. The stocks fluctuate based on a perceived value regardless of any real assets or abilities of the company.

Just as our collective financial well-being is created and experienced based on our belief and trust – a trust and confidence that’s not bound by outer conditions – those same conditions are always available to us.

Regardless of our current circumstances, our bank account, our indebtedness, the material well-being we experience is a function of our awareness and our beliefs. Manifestation always follows our most deeply held conviction.

What is abundance? It’s love, joy, freedom, happiness, and it is our most natural state of being.

All abundance asks from us is to Believe.

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