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What is the Ultimate Purpose of Life

Inspiration – A Companion to the Forgotten

Inspiration – A Companion to the ForgottenInspiration can arise out of the darkest corners, spreading hope, joy, happiness and light before it.

Inspiration flowers from a single small seed, a thought, act or deed, growing and spreading new life over what was barren ground.

To be inspired is to live In-Spirit meaning to live life like the Source, the essence, from which we came…it means to live authentically, connected to the invisible reality.

We know when we are In-Spirit because we know what it feels like…joy, abundance, creativity, wellbeing, peace, harmony, laughter and love.

All the things we feel when we give with and open heart…



“What is the ultimate purpose of life?” Answer, “to give”…to start giving and experience the true joy that arises as a result, that is the message.

Yet, I’ve heard another answer, from the great seers and saints, telling us the ultimate goal of all goals is to be happy. Abraham-Hicks, of the Law of Attraction fame, tells us the real purpose in life is to be happy leading edge creators, who’s “greatest gift to give is happiness.”

The answers are the same… contained within themselves.

Both answers are express qualities of the heart… happiness, joy, compassion, loving kindness, peace, equanimity and joy in our success and the success of others.

When we give with an open heart to ourselves or to others, the Universe doesn’t judge our actions it only mirrors our intent…it doesn’t matter whether we feed the homeless and starving or we offer a heartfelt complement to someone; the joy that permeates our every cell is the same.

One small act of giving can connect us to the flow of life…even giving, to ourselves, the gift of watching this video merges us with the expansive energy field that runs through us and we feel it as Inspiration.


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