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Submission Guidelines

sunflower and blue background Thank you for your interest in contributing to Laughter Happiness and Bliss.

Here at LH&B nothing makes us happier than sharing our reader’s skills, talents, knowledge and expertise. L&HB created based on the belief that the purpose of life is to be happy and happiness is a skill that can be taught and learned.

The subject of happiness covers a vast range of topics, as evidence by the constantly growing categories on this site. There may come a time when we will limit the topics relative to happiness, but now is not that time.

LH&B is open to anyone, regardless of age, or place who wishes to submit an original article and bio for publication.

This is not a space reserved for experts or professional writers. LH&B is for real people who are willing to step out and share their unique gifts with the world.

If you feel that you have something to share that supports that goal, we would love to hear from you.

Before contacting me, though, please read the guidelines below.

Why Contribute to LH&B

Your articles will gain exposure. Your post will be promoted on the LH&B Facebook page, Twitter and Google+. LH&B is one of the fastest growing sites in the niche.

You get to interact with like-minded people because LH&B has an active and growing social community which is very responsive and likes to leave comments and to share your articles with their network.

Every article includes a bio with links back to your site.

As a LH&B contributor, you can update your bio and promote new products you may be launching.


Be Original, that is first and foremost. All articles must be original material, unpublished, even on your own blog or site, or anywhere else on or off the web. Contributors agree that the original articles published here will not be published elsewhere in the future either. Please note that I do not publish excerpts from books.

Submitting an article will considered as agreement to the standards and guidelines of LH&B.

Include your bio. Please include a short bio with up to 2 links which will appear in the author’s box at the bottom of your article.

Make it personal or personable. Unless you contribution is of a scientific nature, for example “the effects of happiness on sleep,” please try and include a personal experience in your article or in some way connect with the reader. Readers like stories. If your article reads like a lecture (unless it’s a good one – there are exceptions to every rule) I will probably pass on it.

Length isn’t critical. I’m not a word counter, so it whether it takes you 500 or 2,000 words to tell your story go ahead and submit it. Keep in mind though that your article will retain more readerships if you stay within the guidelines. Under 500 by any significant amount and the article will need to be powerful to reach publication.

Limit self-promotion to your bio. If you have a product or service you are looking to promote please link to these in your bio rather than within the post. Links to relevant articles either on LH&B or other authority sites or blogs within your post are ok. They will open in another window.

Keep it “family friendly.” It should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway. To quote Dom Miguel Ruiz, “be impeccable with your words.”


If you’d like a photo to show next to your bio please upload a photo of yourself at Also, please include in your email the email address you used for that site on gravatar.

A relevant and insightful quote at the beginning of a story is a great way to grab the attention of your reader and it can help with promotion on social media networks.

Sharing a real story from your life is a powerful way to connect.

Offering practical information will help your readers address similar challenges. It doesn’t need to be a list of tips, however lists and bullet points have been shown to create engagement, but to really connect it always needs to come back to the readers somehow.

Asking your readers a question at the end of your story is a great way to encourage comments.

Seek to be unique. Many articles, because they are specific to a niche, cover similar ideas, and that’s perfectly fine. By sharing your own story from a personal perspective, you will likely be unique to standout and get read. 

Being available the day I publish your article to quickly respond to comments is encouraged. I will send you an email to let you know when your article will be posted.

Promote and share your story with your network and backlinking is a nice thing to do, its recommended. 

How to Submit

Sound good? If so please get in touch by emailing me at with subject line “Guest Post Submission.” Send your post in Microsoft Word, keeping paragraphs to 3 sentences or less. Include a bio, a keep it as close to 50 words or less as you can; include it at the bottom of your post.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Tom LH&B


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